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Mittet Overboot for Lobbens


New model with zippers and Velcro. Two sizes per number. Overboots are used by the Norwegian Armed Forces, NATO and so on for more than 25 years. The sole is made of polyurethane and stays soft down to -30 degrees Celsius and can withstand 50,000 inflections at -25 degrees. The top is made of PU-coated fabric is waterproof and is preferable to insulate against the cold. Withstands cold down to -30 degrees without becoming stiff. This new model has tightening inside and suits perfect for Polar Lobben or Femundlobben. The shaft is of woven polyester / cotton and is water-resistant and "breathable". Solid zipper and Velcro surface to make it easier to get on / off. 

Available in black and green 

The size depends on the size of the lobben boots.

Overboots are available in the following sizes:

EUR 41/42; 43/44; 45/46; 47/48 

US 8/9; 9,5/10,5; 11/12; 12,5/13,5


If you use the for hiking boots tell us your brand and type. 

For example : LOWA boots EUR 43 / US 9,5 -10 need

Overboots in Size EUR 45-46 / US 11-23

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